Homes for Sale in Shoreline West, Mountain View, CA

Shoreline West is a well-developed residential neighborhood in the central portion of Mountain View, California.

Like most other suburban neighborhoods in Mountain View, homes in Shoreline West serve as fantastic housing options for busy professionals working in Silicon Valley. The suburb sits directly next to Downtown Mountain View, and most homes are within walking distance of Castro Street. If you’re in the market for a home close to recreation, shopping, dining, and so much more, you’ll surely appreciate the wonderful home options offered by the Shoreline West neighborhood. For more information on the area, including a list of available homes for sale, please continue reading through our featured community page. You can also contact us directly should you have additional questions about the neighborhood.

  • NEARBY MAJOR HIGHWAYS: The suburb is situated next to Central Expressway, connecting to the various business centers throughout the valley. To the south, you have the extensive commercial establishments linin El Camino Real. You’ll find lots of retail, dining, and entertainment options throughout that thoroughfare. S Shoreline Boulevard provides a direct route for your daily commute for residents working in the vast industrial district north of the city.
  • APARTMENT COMPLEXES: A good amount of real estate in the area are the extensive apartment complexes throughout the neighborhood. These property types provide relatively affordable housing options for buyers interested in entry-level homes in the area. These complexes also usually feature exclusive amenities within the property that residents can use at their leisure. These include swimming pools, gyms, spas, gardens, and more.
  • DIVERSE REAL ESTATE OPTIONS: There has been significant residential development in Shoreline West through the years. You’ll find varying single-family and multi-family property types throughout the suburb providing ample options for buyers considering the area. Interested in an affordable entry-level home? You can opt for condos and apartments in the area. Looking to purchase rental homes to add to your portfolio? There are several apartments and multi-family residences available for you in the neighborhood. Lastly, for families looking for a move-up home in Mountain View, you can buy the many single-family homes and townhouses throughout the community. These residences provide spacious living arrangements that are perfect for buyers looking to move here with their children.
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Homes in Shoreline West

10 Need to Know Real Estate Facts about Shoreline West

  • There are several large apartment complexes and condo developments throughout the community, as well as smaller ones.
  • Although these properties are rarely on the market, previously sold condos and apartments range between $750,000 to $10.2 Million.
  • Apartment and condo units in the neighborhood usually feature modest layouts with one or two bedrooms with 700 sqft to 1,200 sqft of living space.
  • Multi-family residences are excellent purchase options for real estate investors looking for rental homes in Shoreline West.
  • Previously sold multi-family homes in the community are priced anywhere between $1.8 Million to $2.9 Million.
  • These properties range anywhere between 3 to 12 bedroom models and feature 3,000 sqft to 5,300 sqft of floor space.
  • Townhouse projects in the suburb are situated on its southwestern corner, priced on average around the $1.2 Million range.
  • These are excellent entry-level homes for young couples looking to purchase their first home in Mountain View.
  • Single-family homes make up the bulk of available real estate in the area and are a perfect buy for families looking for a spacious household with multiple bedrooms and baths.
  • Single-family homes in the neighborhood are usually priced between $1.2 to $3.4 Million and feature two to four-bedroom Craftsman-style home builds.
On the map

Shoreline West Map

As the name implies, Shoreline West is a neighborhood that sits directly west of S Shoreline Boulevard, directly bordering the Old Mountain View district. Other borders of the suburb include Central Expressway to the north, Escuela Avenue to the west, and El Camino Real to the south. Although comprised mostly of residential real estate, the southern portion of the neighborhood lining El Camino Real features commercial buildings occupied by various restaurants, stores, and other local businesses.

Notable attractions within the neighborhood include Castro Park and Mariposa Park. To the south, you have several retail and dining establishments as well as a couple of shopping malls perfect for your grocery shopping needs. A couple of schools within the suburb are Mariano Castro Elementary School and Mountain View Academy. If you’re moving here with your kids, you’ll be glad to know there are several public and private school options available to them in the area.

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Median Age


Median Household Income


Median Home Price

$1.88 Million

Median Rent

$2,456 / month

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Things to do in Shoreline West

Castro Park

Outdoor urban space with kid-friendly play areas and well-maintained green spaces.

Mariposa Park

Small neighborhood park with beautiful butterfly-themed attractions and family-friendly outdoor amenities.

Rengstorff Park

Vast community park featuring an extensive selection of outdoor recreational amenities and the Mountain View Community Center.

Castro Street

Commercial center serving as the primary downtown district of Mountain View, California.


Schools in Shoreline West

School Name
Khan Lab School
K – 12
Mariano Castro Elementary School
K – 5
Graham Middle School
6 – 8
Mountain View High School
9 – 12