Homes for Sale in Blossom Valley, Mountain View, CA

Blossom Valley is the southwesternmost neighborhood of Mountain Valley, California.

The neighborhood is situated in the mostly suburban region of the city and is a fantastic location to look for a new home for your family. Schools are plentiful, and recreation and shopping options are readily available to residents in the area. Homes provide comfortable enclaves that are fantastic purchases for middle-class families looking for a move-up home in the suburban heartland of Silicon Valley. Should you require help finding ideal home options available for purchase in Blossom Valley, please feel free to contact our team for your inquiries.

  • FAMILY-FRIENDLY SETTING: Blossom Valley offers an idyllic suburban living environment that provides family-friendly spaces that buyers will surely appreciate. The neighborhood is reasonably detached from the busy urban areas of Silicon Valley, offering welcoming residential streets throughout the community. Schools are plentiful in the region, and families here have plenty of options to consider, including public schools, charter schools, and private educational institutions.
  • CLOSE TO DOWNTOWN MOUNTAIN VIEW: Residents in the neighborhood enjoy easy access to the many commercial establishments and attractions in Downtown Mountain View. Major roadways lined with various retail, dining, and entertainment options north of the suburb include El Camino Real and Castro Street. If you’re looking to spend some time outside enjoying a good meal or drink with a friend, you won’t have to drive far to find a nice place to go to with them.
  • LOVELY HOMES: Blossom Valley offers a wonderful selection of well-built single-family homes, which make up the majority of residential real estate in the neighborhood. These residences provide comfortable and spacious living environments that are a perfect buy for buyers looking to move into the family-friendly suburbs of Silicon Valley. Residences are a mixture of single and two-story home builds with ranches and bungalows making up the bulk of architectural designs. These homes feature classic housing designs predominant during the 20th century. If you’re in the market for a larger house that offers more room for your family, you’ll surely appreciate the fantastic homes for sale in Blossom Valley, Mountain View, California.
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Homes in Blossom Valley

10 Need to Know Real Estate Facts about Blossom Valley

  • Real Estate in Blossom Valley is comprised mostly of single-family homes with varying suburban designs.
  • The typical home build of households in the area is usually around the late 1950s, with some being built in the early 1960s.
  • Architectural styles in the community are predominantly Craftsman-style builds with bungalow-type and ranch-style models.
  • Single-story models are the standard, but some custom two-floor builds replace the original home models built in the neighborhood.
  • The one-floor layout provides comfortable home layouts perfect for buyers who prefer to avoid climbing up and down the stairs every day.
  • Home models come with three to five-bedroom configurations with one to three bathrooms.
  • The floor space of households ranges between 1,100 sqft to 2,600 sqft.
  • These properties are priced between $2 Million to $4.6 Million, with the average being around the high $2 Million to low $3 Million.
  • Newer custom builds in the neighborhood are usually priced above the $3 Million marks.
  • These homes are relatively new built in the 21st century and offer spacious living arrangements with 2,000 sqft to 3,500 sqft of living space.
On the map

Blossom Valley Map

Blossom Valley is a residential neighborhood in the primarily suburban region south of Mountain View, California. The neighborhood borders include Marilyn Drive to the north, Covington Road to the south, Miramonte Avenue to the east, and Springer Road to the east. The suburb offers a welcoming and idyllic living environment with lovely cul de sacs, mature tree-lined streets, and well-built single-family homes. Aside from the Springer Elementary School campus and the Blossom Valley shopping mall, the rest of the neighborhood is filled with residential real estate.

Schools are plentiful in the areas surrounding Blossom Valley, servicing the many families living in the area. To the east, you have St Francis High School, Georgina P. Blach Intermediate School, Bullis Charter School, Miramonte Christian School, and Benjamin Bubb Elementary School. West of the community, you have Covington Elementary School and Los Altos High School. You can visit the nearby Blossom Valley Shopping Mall or go southwest to Ranch Shopping Center for your daily shopping needs.

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Median Age


Median Household Income


Median Home Price

$1.88 Million

Median Rent

$2,456 / month

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Things to do in Blossom Valley

Blossom Valley Shopping Mall

Centrally located shopping mall offering various retail stores, a Safeway grocery, and casual dining establishments.

Cuesta Park

Community park offering family-friendly outdoor amenities located east of the neighborhood.

Mountain View Tennis

Well-maintained tennis complex with twelve outdoor tennis courts and scheduled training programs for players.

Rancho Shopping Center

Another nearby shopping mall home to various retail and dining establishments.


Schools in Blossom Valley

School Name
Springer Elementary School
K – 6
Graham Middle School
6 – 8
St Francis High School
9 – 12