Homes for Sale in Slater, Mountain View, CA

Slater is a small, mostly residential neighborhood in the northern part of Mountain View, California.

The neighborhood comprises a mix of different residential real estate property types offering ample options for buyers interested in the area. Like other areas in the northern part of the city, Slater is an excellent bedroom community perfect for busy professionals working at one of the many companies in the region. If you would like a detailed guide on notable real estate facts of the area, please continue reading through our featured community page. Should you have additional questions you would like to be answered; please feel free to contact us directly today to learn more.

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  • CONVENIENT LOCATION: Slater is situated in a location where residential areas transition into more industrialized and urbanized districts. Notable business parks are within a short distance of the neighborhood, and NASA’s campus along with the Moffett Federal Airfield are both to the north of the neighborhood. Professionals working nearby will appreciate the convenient location offered by the many excellent housing options in the Slater neighborhood.
  • DIVERSE PROPERTY TYPES: There are plenty of residential real estate options available to buyers considering purchasing a house in Slater. The neighborhood offers single-family homes, townhouses, condos, apartments, and multi-family residences throughout the community. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level home, a modest two-bedroom apartment, or a mid-sized house, there’s surely something that will match your personal criteria here.
  • ENTRY-LEVEL HOMES: There’s a wonderful selection of readily available apartment units you can purchase in the Slater neighborhood. Apartments and condos in the community usually come with modest two-bedroom configurations providing comfortable housing options that you can share with a friend. Condos and apartment complexes also provide the added benefit of usually having exclusive amenities within the property. This includes well-maintained private pools, gyms, and landscaped outdoor spaces you can use during your free time.
  • CLOSE TO DOWNTOWN MOUNTAIN VIEW: Slater is a short drive from Downtown Mountain View via the Central Expressway. The highway connects directly to Castro Street, a major commercial center home to the shops, restaurants, and various government offices in Mountain View.
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Homes in Slater

10 Need to Know Real Estate Facts about Slater

  • Property types that you can find in Slater include a mixture of single-family and multi-family residential real estate options.
  • These properties have varying home builds, with older houses being built as early as the 1920s and additional construction sprouting throughout the decades.
  • The most affordable homes in the area are the condominiums and apartments that make up about a third of available real estate.
  • You’ll usually find one or two of these available for purchase in the area, providing lovely modest homes to buyers in the market for an entry-level home in Mountain View.
  • Most units come with either one or two-bedroom configurations with 700 sqft to 1,200 sqft of living space.
  • Apartments and condos usually range between $750,000 to $1.5 Million in the area.
  • Next up, you have the townhouse developments, which feature relatively new home builds in the area.
  • Properties under this category usually range between $900,000 to $1.8 Million.
  • Single-family homes in the neighborhood are usually the older Craftsman-style home builds prevalent during the mid 20th century, with some newer builds replacing the older home models also available.
  • These residences are usually priced between $1.4 Million to $4 Million, depending on their size and overall quality.
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Slater Map

Slater is a relatively small-sized neighborhood located in the northeastern portion of Mountain View, California. The neighborhood is located next to the suburbs of Whisman Station, North Whisman, and Willow Gate. E Middlefield Road makes up the neighborhood’s northern border, with Stevens Creek Freeway to its west, Central Expressway to its south, and N Whisman Road to its east. Situated close to the border with Sunnyvale, Slater is ideally positioned close to the various business parks north of the West Valley region.

Although most of the land area in the neighborhood is occupied by residential real estate such as apartments and houses, there are some notable establishments within the suburb. The Jose Antonio Vargas Elementary School is located to the east of the suburb, and you have several commercial buildings on its northeastern corner.

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Median Household Income


Median Home Price

$1.88 Million

Median Rent

$2,456 / month

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Things to do in Slater

Creekside Park

Lovely neighborhood park that offers well-maintained outdoor spaces and connects to the Stevens Creek Trail.

Stevens Creek Trail

A scenic 5-mile outdoor walking trail that extends the entire length of the city.

Whisman Park

Lovely public park offering well-maintained outdoor spaces and recreational amenities.

Clocktower Coffee Roasting Company

Casual coffee shop located in one of the stores on the northeastern corner of the neighborhood.


Schools in Slater

School Name
German International School
K – 12
Jose Antonio Vargas Elementary School
K – 5
Crittenden Middle School
6 – 8
View High School
9 – 12