Homes for Sale in Cuesta Park, Mountain View, CA

Cuesta Park is a family-friendly suburban community located in the southern part of Mountain View, California.

Cuesta Park is a predominantly residential neighborhood in the south suburban region of Mountain View, California. The suburb is occupied by several schools and an extensive medical center, which makes up a significant land area of the neighborhood. Areas closer to El Camino Real, you’ll find several commercial properties, with the Grant Park Plaza shopping mall making up its northeastern corner. Cuesta Park is a fantastic home location for buyers looking for a family-friendly neighborhood that’s conveniently close to everything you need. For more information on the suburb, please feel free to contact me directly today.

  • PLENTY OF SCHOOLS: If considering available school options and their distance from your home is an important factor of your home purchase, you’ll appreciate the excellent school options readily available to residents in Custa Park. Graham Middle School is situated in the northern part of the neighborhood, with Benjamin Bubb Elementary School to its south. You have Georgina P. Blach Intermediate School, Miramonte Christian School, and Bullis Charter School on the neighborhood’s southern edges. Many more schools are a short drive away from the suburb, providing ample options for families looking to move into the area with their children.
  • LOVELY SUBURBAN HOMES: Cuesta Park offers a fantastic selection of suburban single-family homes and luxury residences. Houses here feature spacious home builds with both single-story and two-story options available to buyers considering the area. Buyers in the market for a move-up home that offers more space for their growing family will appreciate the lovely offerings provided to them by this community. Driving along the neighborhood, you’re greeted by a uniquely welcoming curb appeal that will surely appeal to those looking for a family-friendly living environment in the suburban heartland of Mountain View, California.
  • SPACIOUS LOTS: One of the features of homes in the Cuesta Park neighborhood is the relatively large home lots that provide spacious backyards. Many homes feature fenced backyards offering a private outdoor space you can use to relax and lounge to enjoy the warm California sun. Many properties also feature small swimming pools at the back or a landscaped outdoor patio that they can use to enjoy small gatherings with friends or family.
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Homes in Cuesta Park

10 Need to Know Real Estate Facts about Cuesta Park

  • The bulk of residential real estate in Cuesta Park is the suburban single-family homes occupying the central portion of the neighborhood.
  • Property prices in the area range between $1.7 to $3.5 Million and offer varying three or four-bedroom models with predominantly Craftsman-style architecture.
  • Floor sizes of these residences range from 1,000 sqft all the way up to 3,200 sqft.
  • To its north, you’ll find some custom-built multi-family residences perfect for buyers looking for rental properties.
  • Previous sold multi-family homes in the neighborhood are priced between $1.9 to $2.6 Million.
  • Since most homes feature custom suburban designs, layouts vary greatly, but typical sizes include four or five bedrooms and 2,400 to 2,700 sqft of living space.
  • Townhome developments, although minimal, can be found in some areas of the neighborhood. 
  • These property types are the most affordable in the community coming in at $1.2 to $1.9 Million.
  • Most townhomes are relatively new, with average builds ranging between the 2000s to 2010s. 
  • Available home models range between two to four-bedroom configurations with varying architectural styles designed by different developers.
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Cuesta Park Map

Cuesta Park is one of several neighborhoods situated on the southernmost part of Mountain View, California. The suburb sits directly south of Old Mountain View, with its northernmost border being El Camino Real. Other borders that make up the suburb include Miramonte Avenue to the west, Covington Road to the south, and Grant Road to the east. For employees working at El Camino Hospital, the suburb provides a convenient home option close to work as the medical center is conveniently located on its southeastern corner.

As mentioned before, sections to the north of the neighborhood, especially along El Camino Real, are filled with various commercial properties. You’ll find restaurants, stores, shopping malls, cafes, bars, and many more establishments in this part of the city. Residents can also visit Castro Street and the various shopping malls to its northeast for even more retail, entertainment, and dining options.

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Median Age


Median Household Income


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$1.88 Million

Median Rent

$2,456 / month

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Things to do in Cuesta Park

Cuesta Park

Public park serving as the primary outdoor recreation for residents of the neighborhood.

Mountain View Tennis

Comprehensive tennis complex within Cuesta Park featuring twelve outdoor courts.

Grant Park Plaza

Convenient shopping mall occupying the areas to the northeast of the Cuesta Park neighborhood.

Mountain View Shopping Center

Another shopping mall located at 173 El Camino Real directly across Grant Park Plaza.


Schools in Cuesta Park

School Name
Benjamin Bubb Elementary School
K – 5
Graham Middle School
6 – 8
St Francis High School
9 – 12