Homes for Sale in Fairbrae, Sunnyvale, CA

Fairbrae is a primarily residential neighborhood in the central portion of Sunnyvale, California.

Located in a mostly suburban section of the city, Fairbrae serves as an excellent bedroom community for busy professionals looking for a new home in Sunnyvale, California.

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CONVENIENT LOCATION: Sitting at the corner of Fremont Avenue and Sunnyvale Saratoga, residents living in the neighborhood enjoy easy access to a variety of retail, dining, entertainment, and recreation options. Families can visit the many nearby shopping malls and groceries for their daily needs and can dine out at nearby restaurants and fast food chains for a fun meal outside with the family.

AMPLE RECREATION OPTIONS: If you’re moving here with your family, you’ll appreciate the many kid-friendly parks and community amenities spread throughout the area. Fairbrae Swim & Racquet Club to the west of the neighborhood is a great place to spend time outside with the kids whenever the sun is out.

COMFORTABLE HOMES: Houses in Fairbrae are beautifully built suburban single-family homes constructed mostly during the housing boom in the late 20th century. The majority of houses feature single-story layouts which are perfect for buyers who prefer to avoid climbing up and down the stairs every day. There are also larger two-story houses for families that require the additional space or young couples who need the extra room to grow.

EASY COMMUTE TO SILICON VALLEY: One of the most attractive features of Fairbrae and other similar neighborhoods in Sunnyvale is its proximity to Silicon Valley. Employees from nearby tech companies will appreciate the relatively short commute to and from the area which makes it a great buy especially for families looking to move into the city for work.

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Homes in Fairbrae

10 Real Estate Facts about Fairbrae

  • Common architectural styles in the neighborhood include Traditional Craftsman, Ranch, Southwest Mediterranean, and Contemporary.
  • Homes feature refreshing colors such as cream white, off-yellow, warm reds and browns, and neutral blues.
  • Townhome properties to the southwest of the community are priced on average around $1.3 Million.
  • Single-family houses in the area are priced between $2 Million to $3.1 Million.
  • Price per square footage varies between $274 – $1,561 per sqft.
  • Typical Home Builds in the area range between 1950 to 1990.
  • Lot sizes for standard single-family homes are between 0.17 to 0.21 acres.
  • Floor space for homes ranges between 1,300 to 2,900 sqft.
  • Most home builds come with single-story designs, but you can find some two-floor builds, especially for townhouses.
  • Houses are relatively large, coming with four to five-bedroom and two to three-bathroom layouts for most residences.
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Fairbrae Map

The Fairbrae neighborhood is a typical suburban district with four main roadways on its borders. W Remington Drive borders it to the north, Sunnyvale Saratoga Road to the east, W Fremont Avenue to the south, and Hollenbeck Avenue to the west. Although mostly residential, about a quarter of the neighborhood is occupied by the Fremont High School Campus.

Other neighborhoods bordering this suburb include Las Palmas to the north, Nimitz to the south, and the subdivisions of Cedarwood and Remington to the west. Residents enjoy easy access to the nearby Fremont Corners Shopping Center to its southeast and various commercial establishments at the corner of Fremont Avenue and Sunnyvale Saratoga Road.

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Median Age


Median Household Income


Median Home Price

$1.22 Million

Median Rent

$2,508 / month

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Things to do in Fairbrae

Fairbrae Swim and Racquet Club

This exclusive recreational club is an amazing site where children and adults may learn and enhance their sports skills.

California Sports Center Swim Complex

A lovely swimming area where residents can learn and enjoy a fun time while swimming.

Las Palmas Park

A spacious area where children can play, dogs can run, and adults can unwind.

Fremont HS Diesner Field

A lovely field for soccer, track and field, and other sports.


Schools in Fairbrae

School Name
Cumberland Elementary School
K – 5
Sunnyvale Middle School
6 – 8
Fremont High School
9 – 12